OS/2 Software Development

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Development Tools
Visual Age Java - Premium toolkit for 100% Pure Java applications.
Javasoft - Sun's homepage for Java development.
Rogue Wave - Maker of JFactory for OS/2.
Netrexx - The easy way to write Java code.
Colorado Software Summit - Annual OS/2 & Java technical gathering.

Hockware - Makers of VisPro REXX development package.
CFS - Las Vegas-based provider of advanced REXX tools.
Powersoft - Current owner of Watcom VX-REXX.
Quercus Systems - Vendor of REXX tools and extensions.

C and C++
IBM Visual Age C++ - Premium development product for OS/2.
Powersoft - Current owner of Watcom C/C++ for OS/2.
Prominare - Maker of development and porting tools for OS/2.

Microfocus - Makers of Cobol Workbench 4.0 for OS/2.
IBM Visual Age Cobol - Premium development product for OS/2.

Other Development Pages
IBM Developer Connection - Resources for software development.
EDM/2 - Monthly magazine of OS/2 development.
SpeedSoft - Home of Sibyl Pascal for OS/2.
IBM U.K. Hursley Labs - Software research & development location.
OpenOffice - Sun Micro's open-source office suite (formerly StarOffice).
OpenWatcom - Sybase's open-source C++ compiler project.
OS/2 Coders - Hot new group of OS/2 developers.
Shoptalk Systems - Home of Liberty Basic for OS/2.


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