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OS/2 Marketing Tactics

Free Marketing Methods

1. Indelible Blue will send you a full carton of catalogs, FREE for the asking Just call 1-800-776-8284. You can give them away at computer shows, leave them near the front of computer stores, or place them in the waiting rooms of doctors and dentists. People are amazed to find out that, yes indeed, there *are* plenty of OS/2 applications.

2. Numerous fields of e-mail clients (such as Netscape Navigator), as well as the scrolling text on WinOS2 screensavers, can be customized to say anything. Here are a few suggestions:
Upgrade to IBM OS/2 Warp
Year2000 is Coming -- Get IBM OS/2 *Now*
OS/2 Warp Means Better Computing
3. Many cheap PC clones do not have the logo square filled on the front of the case. Why not print your own logo stickers for your friends? All it takes is a set of blank diskette label stickers, a nice printer (preferably laser-quality), and a paper cutting tool. One appropriate label statement is "Designed for OS/2 Warp". For a set of pre-sized logo templates, click here.
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You can also apply these stickers to keyboards, monitors, and printers that are OS/2-compatible.

4. When formatting a hard drive for someone, you can choose any 11-letter phrase for the partition name. Why not use "ReadyforOS2" instead of just leaving it blank?

5. Link Exchange offers free membership to promote your website via a hit bank concept. Every 2 hits on your site gains you 1 banner exposure. However, the hit rate for most banners is very low -- sometimes as low as one hit in a thousand exposures! Why not use the banner as an advertising medium for the content of the banner itself, instead of as a weak hit-producer? This is especially effective if the same set of banners shows up everywhere because many people are using them. To avoid overkill, it's best if a set of banners is rotated every few weeks. For a set of OS/2 ad banners pre-sized for Link Exchange, click here.
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6. If you have older OS/2 products lying around unused, you can donate them to schools or PC user groups. Often you can get a tax deduction for such donations.

7. When installing an Internet browser for someone, you can set the default startup page to anyplace on the Web. Why not use the IBM OS/2 Warp homepage, instead of Netscape's or Microsoft's pages?

8. Some Internet utilities have the option to insert special messages to Server Logs, instead of the user's web address. Instead of putting "anonymous" or some other fluff, why not insert "IBM OS/2 Warp version 4" or some other OS/2 product information?

9. When planning to buy an OS/2 product that is available in the retail channel, why not wait until a major non-OS/2 product rollout? You can line up at the retail store and buy the OS/2 product in full view of the newbies.

10. Occasionally it may be necessary to order a non-OS/2 software product. As long as you have to pick up the phone or send an e-mail to make the order, why not ask the company when the OS/2 version of their product will be ready? "Assume the sale" -- ask for the product, whether they make an OS/2 version or not.

11. When sending faxes it is easy to use custom cover sheets. Many fax programs include a cover sheet customization option. Why not insert a discreet message such as "Sent from FaxWorks for OS/2" instead of leaving the message field blank?

12. Put those extra floppies lying around the office to good use: download the OS/2 Warp demo
<under construction> and give copies away to friends and associates.

Low-Cost (Under $50) Marketing Methods
1. High school science fairs are always looking for sponsors. Why not offer a $50 prize to the student who makes the best use of OS/2 Warp in a computer-related project? You can also get a tax deduction and maybe some free publicity.

2. Vanity license plates are available for a small fee in most states. There are literally THOUSANDS of appropriate slogans that can be formed with six or seven letters. For a list of suggestions, click here.
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3. OS/2 Bumper Stickers are available here on this site or from BMT Micro at just $2 each. A few well-placed bumper stickers can be seen by hundreds of potential OS/2 customers each day.


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