OS/2 News Sources

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Multi-OS News Sites

Macarlo - Latest news & new products on several OS's
Mozilla - Open Source Netscape Navigator project
OS News - Regular updates on a variety of operating systems
OS Opinion - Daily news plus freelance commentaries on OS issues

OS/2 News Sites
EverBlue Project - Porting Linux/Unix products to OS/2
Focus on OS/2 - The Mining Company's OS/2 news
HellShock OS/2 Site - OS/2 settings, games, files, and more
Large OS/2 Clients - Hotlist of corporate migrations to OS/2
OS/2 Connect - Cumulative list of OS/2 resources & global news
OS/2 e-Zine - The premier OS/2-only online magazine
OS/2 Org - Updates, surveys, news, and more - in English and German
OS/2 News & Rumors - Steve Hartnell's regular OS/2 updates
OS/2 World - OS/2 news and surveys
Project Odin - Converter to upgrade Windows95/NT programs to OS/2
VOICE newsletter - Monthly report on OS/2 activities

Warp City - MEMBERS ONLY -- the Zealot's Choice!
Java Sites
Intelligence - Java news. Formerly Java Roaster
Java Developer - Hot links and regular updates
Java World - Premier Java magazine


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