Product Review Policy

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Our Pledge to our Readers:

1. We will only review products in their Retail form. That means no Betas, no "Pre-Releases," nothing but the same package the final user will be buying off-the-shelf or downloading from the Web as the final release product.

2. We will only review products that are specifically guaranteed by their developer to run clean on the OS/2 version 4 or later versions of the OS/2 operating system. This may include DOS, Windows 3.X including Win32s, Java, native OS/2 PM, and any ported Win32 or UNIX products that the developer has officially approved for OS/2 use.

3. If a product has been ported to OS/2 or otherwise runs on OS/2, but has not been specifically approved by the vendor for use in the OS/2 environment, we may review it in a special "Rogue's Gallery" if our readers deem it appropriate. The standards for such a review will be developed at a later date.

4. We will give each product equal consideration no matter who is the developer. If Microsoft decides to resume development of native OS/2 products or compatible Java products and approves of their use on the OS/2 platform, we will give their products equal consideration. If an OS/2 vendor adds non-OS/2 platforms to their supported list, we will still give their OS/2 products equal consideration, provided that these OS/2 products are still in their development stream.

5. We will do our best to provide our readers with the best, the most honest, and the most thorough evaluation of any product we review.


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