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There is no substitute for integrity; there is no substitute for truth. As much as we might wish we could spend our lives in carefree abandon like children, someday we must all grow up and face the facts. We cannot live in a fantasy world that makes us feel comfortably numb to what is happening around us. Each of us has a duty to make a continual search for the highest principles of human excellence, and to adhere to those principles. We cannot escape this duty by pretending that it does not exist, or by hiding behind the mass of people around us who may have chosen to ignore this duty, claiming some kind of "exemption by association."

Some of the opinions expressed on this website may be incendiary, but there is a certain passion that comes from seeing injustice done openly, blatantly, profitably, and going unpunished and sometimes even rewarded. Some of the factual statements expressed on this website may be incorrect, but this is due to error and not any intent to mislead. I hope that at worst my words may have "cracked some skulls in order to open some minds."

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